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Trekker International Services

talent development

Comprehensive Approach - Learning Strategy 

You are faced with multiple priorities every single day. People, Performance, Culture and Development are priorities, but of the ten options you could pursue, you understand that prioritizing and aligning your learning strategy is the key to success. At Trekker International, we will help you to align and act on your most important priorities in the most cost-effective way possible.

talent development

Expert Guidance - Learning Technology

The right Learning Technology Platform enables your leaders to learn better coaching skills, track the effects of their coaching, and correlate coaching effectiveness with performance improvement. According to CSO Insights, sales coaching can deliver a 27.6% improvement in win rates; however, many organizations lack the technology and processes to implement effective practices. Trekker International has relationships with some of the best Learning Technology companies in the business and can help you to select the right platform to meet the needs of your learning and performance priorities.

talent development

Seasoned Facilitators - Leadership & Sales Training 

Whether you need a 1/2 day, full day or multi-day workshop Trekker International can support you. We bring together expert facilitators in Leadership and Sales to facilitate high impact, thought-provoking workshops. 
Many of our programs come with a microlearning platform that enables ongoing learning and reinforcement of topics and concepts for a year after the training. ONE and DONE training without continuous reinforcement is not a good investment for any company to make.

talent development

Performance Coaching - Leadership Coaching 

According to research from the Harvard Business Review, the average age of first-time managers is 30, and the average age of people in leadership training is 42. Millenials are now the largest generation in the workforce and make up a significant portion of your pipeline to fill leadership roles. Early career managers and successor candidates need access to Leadership and Performance coaching earlier in the process to accelerate performance and results. The fastest and most effective way to fill this "training gap" is with specific and targeted Leadership and Performance Coaching.

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