Trekker delivered a comprehensive set of solutions to address Hoffman Southwest's most pressing talent priorities including developing custom training videos for field technicians, implementing innovative online compliance training, leadership development for senior leaders, and implementing a leading safety and learning technology platform. 
Nora Warren
VP HR, Hoffman Southwest
"Trekker International has been instrumental in helping Hoffman Southwest (HSW) to craft a complete Learning Strategy that supports and drives our corporate strategy. Their vast array of professional resources have the expertise and flexible approach that will be an asset to any company."

Trekker coached and trained Community Managers and Community Associates at City Central to successfully navigate a fast paced and growing organization.

 Mark Burge
VP Sales, City Central
"Trekker International has been instrumental in helping us take our performance to an entirely new level. My team has an improved way of processing challenges, making decisions, and working to solve problems. I highly recommend Trekker International to any company that wants to improve the way they develop people."
Trekker’s 12-week coaching program, Get Real, Get Moving, Get Past It, helped Justin leverage his strengths and work past the behaviors that could be holding him and his team back.
 Justin Harris
US Sales Manager, Instant Offices
"Trekker’s “Get Real, Get Moving, Get Past it” is easy to follow, hard-hitting, and forces you to confront the issues that will keep you from getting to the next level in your career. This was the best investment in my professional career. "
Trekker worked with The James Paul Group to determine the right learning platform for their business. 
Jerone Jackson
Co-Founder, The James Paul Group
"Trekker International helped us better understand the market for Learning Technology Solutions and to evaluate various platforms. I would highly recommend Trekker to any company looking to make strategic learning decisions and to improve their approach to Talent Development. "
Trekker International led the implementation of both training and safety solutions for a client of Donesafe. Trekker helped our client to understand how the Donesafe safety and learning platform could serve as a single solution, thus making the safety and training processes more efficient.
Corey Bruce
VP Sales, Donesafe
"Trekker helped us to best serve our client in addressing their training and safety needs by using the Donesafe solution. Trekker was instrumental in working with both the client and Donesafe, and did an outstanding job of explaining the benefits of implementing a comprehensive system for training and safety practices to the client.Trekker used a consultative approach to understand how the Donesafe platform worked and then served as an essential conduit to the client in conveying the most cost-effective way to use our platform to achieve the client’s goals. Trekker brings a new and practical approach to companies looking to use technology and training to benefit their employees. We look forward to working with Trekker on future client engagements and opportunities. "


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